The Revolution Isn't On The Radio

The Revolution Isn't On The Radio

The Revolution Isn't On The RadioThe Revolution Isn't On The Radio

here comes the weekend


We're rolling into what will be our 14th year of existence, continuing to be an outlet for new and independent music, all presented in a unique mix that has remained commercial free. We like to think our music sets bring back that feeling of "free-form" radio when DJ's were trusted to pull together music sets that flowed from genre to genre, style to style, an element that was completely lost when todays terrestrial and satellite stations turned to computers for music programming, ushering in the age of "train wreck" radio, where the DJ's role has been reduced to reading liner cards. 

When the weekend rolls in, we welcome in different talent from all over the country to contribute to The Weekend Mix, the soundtrack to your weekend;

Saturday at noon mtn: The Rockabilly 'N' Blues radio hour with Jammin' James Riley. James has been doing this a long time, and it shows in his love and knowledge of classic country and rockabilly music, and he presents it with different mini features like "The Instra-Mental Breakdown" and "Doo-Wop Corner".

Sunday at 8am mtn: We assembled a custom line up that eases you into the day with "Solid Sunday" and it begins with 'Sunday Morning', a mix of americana, folk, bluegrass, and singer-songwriters, all culled from a large stand alone library that grows in tandem with the regular Indie library. 

The well known public radio staple 'eTown' follows at 10a mtn. The show is taped in Boulder, Co, at eTown Hall, a 100% self sustainable, solar powered facility (just up the road from the Indie studios). 

Dennis The Menace rounds out the morning with 3 hours of original programming from The Menace Studios in L.A. At 11am mtn, Dennis takes you upstairs to 'The Menace's Attic' for 6 decades of rock and roll by theme (and what we kiddingly call the closest thing we have to an oldies show). Dennis has 'Just Another Menace Sunday' at noon mtn, always with a special guest and interview  alongside a "Musical Sandwich" in the first hour, then Dennis rifles thru the stacks of new tunes in the second hour (1pm mtn) of the show. 

That's a line up we think you'll agree is...Solid! 

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