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Today on Indie - Thursday (Stream back up!)

Enjoy our handselected music sets. We think you'll agree, they beat those lifeless computer generated playlists any day. Plus, we have these specialty shows and daily features:

Wave Of The Day 11:59a: Bueller? Bueller?

Weekend specialty show replay at noon: Just Another Menace Sunday with Dennis The Menace - I believe The Crookes are the guest this week (new show airs at noon Sundays).

Five O'clock Frank: 3 fingers, 2 rocks, and a splash of water.


New music to listen for this week on, June 2014


  • Mid months arrives and both SPOON and New Pornographers release new singles (on the same day me thinks).
  • What a way to start a new month - full releases from Jack White, The Horrors, and Peter Murphy.
  • You know we are big fans of the (Frightened) Rabbit here, so we were quite excited to get a single from a spin-off of the band called Owl John and the song "Hate Music".
  • Lot's of unique sounds in the mix from new comers like Wild Adriatic, Ema, Blackbird Blackbird, and The Flavr Blue.

Red or green with that blood pudding ?

The UK Guardian newspaper (yes, THAT Guardian) picked INDIE to represent their reporters recent trek thru Santa Fe, New Mexico, asking us to put together a tight, concise playlist to travel by, and this is what happened next:


Horseman's Haven

A radio chat with DJ Rocque Ranaldi

Bob Ross chats with's very own DJ Rocque Ranaldi about The Independent Get Down, music, football, food, and gardening.

Listen in!

This week in etown & show taping info

We are a proud etown affiliate and present the show in a special commercial free format at 10am MT every Sunday with a rebroadcast Wednesdays at noon MT. For taping info - hit for more information.

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