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Stream Down, but planned this time....

Enjoy our handselected music sets. We think you'll agree, they beat those lifeless computer generated playlists any day. Plus, we have these specialty shows and daily features:

Hey as of 3p Sunday, the Indie stream is down, and it's on purpose this time. We have made the decision to relocate the station from Santa Fe, NM, where it's been since our inception as an fm, and transplant it in our second home, the "bunker" in Fort Collins, Co. The equipment will be en route for a day or two, with another day or 2 to get it all back together, so we'll update you when we are back on. til then, you are NOT to mingle with any other music services....end transmission


New music to listen for this week on, September 2014


  • We finally made peace with the new Kooks sound and are digging "Forgive and Forget" along with "It Was London" (sounds good with some old Jam as a chaser).
  • The storied Brit label 4ad continues to send some god stuff our way - listen for a new Ariel Pink single (back to being a solo act) and Merchandise (one of the head instigators faves for the year).
  • The Canadian band SLOAN has served up a nice concept disc with Commonwealth (each band member getting a side) and we are dropping the needle all over it.
  • Boy & Bear hit us with another good single in "Three Headed Woman".
  • Radiohead drummer Phil Selway gives us yet another preview of his next solo disc with "It'll End In Tears" (can't wait to hear the rest).
  • New sounds from Indie bands and artists like Sneakout, Lia Ices, George Ezra, and The Holy Coast


Red or green with that blood pudding ?

The UK Guardian newspaper (yes, THAT Guardian) picked INDIE to represent their reporters recent trek thru Santa Fe, New Mexico, asking us to put together a tight, concise playlist to travel by, and this is what happened next:


Horseman's Haven

A radio chat with DJ Rocque Ranaldi

Bob Ross chats with's very own DJ Rocque Ranaldi about The Independent Get Down, music, football, food, and gardening.

Listen in!

This week in etown & show taping info

We are a proud etown affiliate and present the show in a special commercial free format at 10am MT every Sunday with a rebroadcast Wednesdays at noon MT. For taping info - hit for more information.

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